Jim Goodwin has been a SMOS board member since 2008.   He is currently a  Math and Science teacher at Northport High School.  He is a coach in track and has also coached cross country and wrestling.  He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Biology in 1982, and his teaching certificate in 1986.

Jim is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys bird watching, wildlife photography,  backpacking, hiking, hunting, fishing and camping.  He says that he believes we are blessed to be able to live this close to nature (here in Northeastern Washington).  He believes that we must be stewards of nature, and that, as stewards, it is our job to teach kids of all ages to see and appreciate the nature that is around them.  This is why he is involved with SMOS.

“Until you know nature, you cannot love nature.
Until you love nature, you cannot protect nature.
Until you protect nature, you will lose nature.
Once you lose nature, you cannot know nature.
Come my children, and know nature.”
– Jim Goodwin, 1998

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