Here are some photos from our recent SMOS Adventures activity, Making Coal Burned Spoons.

Update: Bruce, a SMOS student, submitted a written account of the Adventure.

“On Saturday I went up to Mr. C’s place to pick out a board, then we went to the cabin which is about 1 mile away. When we were there I found lots of dry twigs and others found bark. Then we made a fire using a lean-too method. We then used the coals to burn a hole in the board. After that I used my knife to carve out the shape of a spoon. Then we hiked back and went home.”

Building the fire to get some coals.

Keeping the coal hot to burn out the trough of the spoon

Using a stick to press the coal to the board

The spoons – good job everyone!  Now where’s the stew?

Check back December 4th to sign up for our next Adventure on Dec. 11th.

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