Bryan Carlson on November 15th, 2013

Hike to Silver Crown Lake and learn a little bit about winter ecology then build a fire and make coal burned spoons. Mr. Carlson will lead the Adventure this Saturday starting at 10am to 2pm. Meet at the Carlson Canyon Ranch (the end of Trombetta Road).

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Bryan Carlson on May 26th, 2013

The Upper Columbia River Bike and Run was a huge success! We had people come from all around, including Spokane, WA and even Moscow, ID! The morning was rainy and cold but minutes before the event the sky parted and proved to be a beautiful day for running and biking.

Finishing times a select photos are below. To view more photos see our Bike and Run Photo Album. And, if you have photos to share, please post them on our Facebook page.

Bike and Run

  • Jason Bennetch: 52m 59s
  • Bethany Bennetch: 55m 47s
  • Deven Nickerson: 58m
  • Heather Whyatt: 1h 2m 5s
  • Hilary Morton: 1h 15m 19s
  • Diane Wilson: 1h 16m 54s
  • Art Grobben: 1h 17m 36s
  • Bowen Middlesworth: 1h 39m 10s
  • Tyler Beer: 1h 55m 26s
  • Bruce Higgins: 56m 44s
  • Joshua Beer: 2h 12m 24s

Half Marathon

  • Gerhard Carlson: 1h 48m 58s
  • Justin Poinsatte: 1h 49m 53s
  • Joe Dufresne: 2h 12m 18s


  • Lauren Kelly: 1h 8m 47s
  • Amy Kaucic: 1h 8m 47s


  • Jenny Case: 36m 8s


  • RJ Plum: 31m 32s
  • Bryan Carlson: 39m 48s

Bikers at the starting line

The race begins!

Jason Bennetch at the last stretch to win the Bike and Run

Art finished the Bike, now he has to run!

Our support man helping with a faulty derailer

Half marathoners checking out the beautiful view

Done with the race, enjoying the fire and shade

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Bryan Carlson on March 26th, 2013

Join us May 18th for fun, fitness, and sport while raising funds to help us offer our many outdoor activities at free or reduced-costs.

Bike and run path along the Columbia River

We decided to add so many exciting events that we just had to rename our annual “Paperman Biathlon” to the “Upper Columbia River Bike and Run”.  You can bike or run along the scenic Columbia River or jog along a smooth dirt path.

Sign up for one of our Run or Walk events

  • 2 mile / 5k / 10k
  • Half Marathon

Or compete in our classic Bike & Run

  • 10 mile bike & 2 mile run

Early Registration is $5 and T-shirts are $15.

** Late Registration (after May 10th) is $10 and T-shirts are still $15

If you register soon, that’s only $20 for a fun day of fitness and a shirt to show for it!

Register Now

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Bryan Carlson on February 12th, 2013

Making pitch sticks

February’s free Adventure activity was making pitch sticks from Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine. Pitch sticks are used to store pitch glue for future use. We had a showing of 10 eager participants that ranged from 10 years old to adults.

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Bryan Carlson on January 26th, 2013

Group of kids sledding

The adventure was a blast! Ten people braved the 20-25 degree Fahrenheit temperatures for a fun day of sledding and adventure. The kids brought their toboggans, inner tubes and saucers to a safe steep hill with no trees, rocks, cliffs or any other dangerous obstacles. Lunch of hot chocolate, roasted hot-dogs and marshmallows was later served at a campfire. Finally, we all explored a frozen pond and hiked into a steep walled canyon with a spring fed creek. It was absolutely breath taking!

Make sure to join us during out next SMOS Adventure on February 9th!


A fun wipeout at the sledding hill

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