Bryan Carlson on November 28th, 2012

The hardcore runners, after the race

On Nov. 11 2012, during the World Run day, SMOS sponsored a fun run called “Run Around The Mountain.” Despite the 22F temperature nipping at their heels, nine (very) hardcore individuals finished the race! They all ran a 5.2 mile circular course that looped around Silvercrown Mountain. The runners ran down Trombetta Rd, to Alladin Rd., down Alladin towards Northport then ran a grueling uphill trail back to the start. Upon finishing the race, the talented athletes were treated to a bonfire where jalapeno-cheese sausages, fresh cut fruit and veggies, hot cocoa, cider and tea were served.

Finishing Times

  • Leesa Ewen: 98 minutes
  • Sara Winter: 98 minutes
  • Adam LaRocco: 98 minutes
  • Jenny Case: 66 minutes 53 sec.
  • Kelly Gugliemino: 66 minutes 53 sec.
  • Anita Miller: 66 minutes 50 sec.
  • Diane Wilson: 61 minutes 29 sec.
  • Sue LeCaire: 54 minutes
  • Gerhard Carlson: 45 minutes 20 sec.

Thank you participants for donating $65.00! Your contributions make a huge impact and allow us to continue helping make our community a healthier place.

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Bryan Carlson on November 19th, 2012

While reading through the latest Douglasia, the journal of the Washington Native Plant Society, I learned that our very own neighborhood canyon is an official preserve! We posted about the canyon before when it was just a proposal. Thanks to Joe Arnett and all the hard work from the WA Natural Heritage Program (and others), Peter Goldmark signed Order 201211 on April 25, 2012 to designate the canyon as a 1,060 acre preserve. The land transfers are not finalized, but things are looking good!

I think most of those that live in Northport are aware of the unique beauty of the canyon. But everyone should still watch this excellent (but low video quality) talk by Joe Arnett during a DNR public hearing:

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Bryan Carlson on June 6th, 2012

The fourth annual Paperman Biathlon was a great success! The sun was out, the air was warm, and there were plenty of healthy people outdoors. Thank you everyone, participants and volunteers, for making this such a great event. It’s great to know that we have such strong community support.

Racers and the starting line

Finishing Times

2 Mile Run

  • Ashtyn Baribault – 18min. 7 sec.
  • Dawson Baribault – 33min. 45sec.
  • Don Baribault – 42min. 7sec.
  • Karen Baribault – 41min. 33sec.
  • Joshua Beer – 2hrs. 58min. 34sec.
  • Tyler Beer – 1hr. 37min. 56min.
  • Alexus Stark – 41min. 33sec.
  • Belle Stark – 41min. 33sec.
  • Eliza Stark – 33min. 45sec.
  • Eric Stark – 42min. 7sec.
  • Olivia Stark – 41min. 33sec.
  • Tomi Stark – 41min. 33sec.


  • Trenton Baribault – 1hrs. 23min. 12sec.
  • Bryan Carlson & Jenny King (tandem) – 1hr. 22min. 30sec.
  • Mariah Colvin – 1hr. 23min. 8sec.
  • Lauren Kelly – 1hr 3min 12sec.
  • RJ Plum – 1hr. 16min. 12sec.
  • Justin Poinsatte – 1hr. 3min. 12sec.
  • Tony Regis – 1hr. 2min. 37sec.
  • Deb Stann – 1hr. 17min. 28sec.
  • Mike Stann – 1hr. 17min. 28sec.

Half Marathon

  • Gerhard Carlson – ??
  • Jenny Case – 3hrs. 8min. 59sec.
  • Susan LeCaire – 3hrs. 8min. 59sec.


biking the biathlon

biking the biathlon in some amazing scenery

Two happy racers at the finish

At the home stretch!


See more photos at our Facebook page

Thank you Sponsors, for your support!

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Bryan Carlson on March 7th, 2012

rope making

Everyone had so much fun last year when Clint Goodwin taught us how to make rope that we decided to offer it again. During this SMOS Adventure event, you will learn the basics of rope making and discover how you can use materials that may be found around your house. That’s right, this event will teach you how to make DIY (do it yourself) rope!

Join us this Saturday, March 10, from 9am to 11am at Bush Hawk Outdoors. The event is free but we welcome donations. In fact, if you do give us a generous gift Clint may allow you to walk away with one of his rope making tools.

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Bryan Carlson on February 20th, 2012

The Paperman Biathlon is a short 10-mile bike ride along the beautiful Columbia River and a 2-mile run on a smooth dirt road. The event is very friendly for those who have never competed before and for those who like to crush their adversaries under their athletic boot.

Date: May 12, 2012
Time: 1pm
Location: The Old Northport Airport, Northport, WA [map]

It’s just $15 for adults and $12 for Youth 16 or younger. Registration will get you entry to the biathlon and a pretty nice t-shirt. It is cheap and easy to register, just go to the Biathlon Registration Page.

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