The hardcore runners, after the race

On Nov. 11 2012, during the World Run day, SMOS sponsored a fun run called “Run Around The Mountain.” Despite the 22F temperature nipping at their heels, nine (very) hardcore individuals finished the race! They all ran a 5.2 mile circular course that looped around Silvercrown Mountain. The runners ran down Trombetta Rd, to Alladin Rd., down Alladin towards Northport then ran a grueling uphill trail back to the start. Upon finishing the race, the talented athletes were treated to a bonfire where jalapeno-cheese sausages, fresh cut fruit and veggies, hot cocoa, cider and tea were served.

Finishing Times

  • Leesa Ewen: 98 minutes
  • Sara Winter: 98 minutes
  • Adam LaRocco: 98 minutes
  • Jenny Case: 66 minutes 53 sec.
  • Kelly Gugliemino: 66 minutes 53 sec.
  • Anita Miller: 66 minutes 50 sec.
  • Diane Wilson: 61 minutes 29 sec.
  • Sue LeCaire: 54 minutes
  • Gerhard Carlson: 45 minutes 20 sec.

Thank you participants for donating $65.00! Your contributions make a huge impact and allow us to continue helping make our community a healthier place.

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