This was one of my favorite experiences in Outdoor Ed. It was in the middle of winter 2009. Mr. Carlson brought some blind folds up to the cabin on our weekly Outdoor Ed class. Once we reached the cabin he took us over to an open area near the cabin and gave us blind folds to put on. He told us, “Here’s the story. You are all up in a mountain and it is very bright and you all got snow blind. You have to build a fire  or you will die. Today’s task is to get a fire going while blind folded, I wont help you at all. Go!”. We all looked at him like he was crazy. Its hard enough to get a fire going in the winter, but he wants us to get a fire going while blind folded. So we began our attempt to complete the seemingly impossible.

Gabriel Short instantly took the role of a leader and started asking certain people to go get wood, to stay at the camp, to go get birch bark, and to make sure everyone that was getting wood knew where the campsite was by calling to them whenever they started to come back. It was very difficult to wander through the woods looking for trees and trying to grab branches off of the base of them for the fire. It was very helpful to have some of the others there at the fire calling out to us when we began to come back to the fire to drop off some branches. As we all kept bringing branches and eventually moving to bringing big sticks, Gabe asked Mr. Carlson for a match. We all surrounded the campsite to eagerly wait to hear the crackling of a fire. Gabe struck a match and placed it under the sticks. He then asked some of us to grab some of the other sticks that were around the campsite that we got earlier, and then he said to break them up into smaller pieces (about a foot long) so they would be the next thing to place on the fire. We did as he said and soon we heard the crackling of a fire. Mr. Carlson was very impressed and told us to take off our blind folds. We saw our fire and we survived!

We completed the fire in 45 minutes, which is very good! Without the help and participation of everyone, we wouldn’t have been able to do it in the time we did and we probably wouldn’t have been able to complete it in one match either.

By Kenneth Kelley

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I'm a 16 year old young man that is very interested in God, friends, family, music, Apple Products, website designing, video games, the outdoors and having fun!

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