Bicycling is a great way to get outside and experience nature; and there is no better place to bike than right here in Northport! If you are an experienced rider or just beginning, I hope that my posts will guide you with your two wheeled adventures.

The goal of my bicycle articles is to inspire riders in the area with a summary of the local mountain bike and road bike routes. If there is a demand I can also post “how to” articles on repairing and maintaining bicycles in general.

Reasons to bike

“Bicycling is for kids!” “I’m too old to bike.” “My bike is a clunker.” “Why would I ever want to bike?” I have heard many of these reasons from people over the years, and although it may seem childish, daunting, or just plain silly to ride a bike, I can think of at least 3 million reasons why YOU should go for a nice long bike ride.

  1. Increased fitness – Do you want a stronger, fitter, healthier you? Biking provides a low-impact alternative to running and at the same time sheds excess body fat and increases endurance and stamina!
  2. Great Mood – It is actually scientifically proven that biking will put you in a good mood (unless you get a flat). Hormones produced during exercise (especially during bicycling) called Endorphins are released which relieve the stress and create an overall great mood.
  3. Environmental Impact – When you ride your bike to the store rather than driving your car, you are no longer contributing carbon dioxide to the environment, don’t have to pay for the gas, and you are getting fitter. It’s a win-win-win!

Okay, enough propaganda for now. Time to look at one route which I consider to be the “classic” road bike ride around Northport.

Northport to Deep Lake Loop


As shown on the map above, the ride consists of a loop that includes Northport-Waneta Rd, Co Hwy 9445, and Aladdin Rd. Advanced riders should have no problem completing the approximate 35 mile loop. Intermediate riders may want to avoid the Waneta Rd section until they feel comfortable both going up large hills, and traversing windy narrow roads. An equally enjoyable alternative for beginning riders would be to simply park at Cedar Lake and ride along the flat road to Deep Lake. A road bike is recommended for the entire loop, but as long as you have a bike and determination you will do great!


Always wear a helmet and drink lots of water! Have a good one!

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