Bryan Carlson on November 28th, 2012

The hardcore runners, after the race

On Nov. 11 2012, during the World Run day, SMOS sponsored a fun run called “Run Around The Mountain.” Despite the 22F temperature nipping at their heels, nine (very) hardcore individuals finished the race! They all ran a 5.2 mile circular course that looped around Silvercrown Mountain. The runners ran down Trombetta Rd, to Alladin Rd., down Alladin towards Northport then ran a grueling uphill trail back to the start. Upon finishing the race, the talented athletes were treated to a bonfire where jalapeno-cheese sausages, fresh cut fruit and veggies, hot cocoa, cider and tea were served.

Finishing Times

  • Leesa Ewen: 98 minutes
  • Sara Winter: 98 minutes
  • Adam LaRocco: 98 minutes
  • Jenny Case: 66 minutes 53 sec.
  • Kelly Gugliemino: 66 minutes 53 sec.
  • Anita Miller: 66 minutes 50 sec.
  • Diane Wilson: 61 minutes 29 sec.
  • Sue LeCaire: 54 minutes
  • Gerhard Carlson: 45 minutes 20 sec.

Thank you participants for donating $65.00! Your contributions make a huge impact and allow us to continue helping make our community a healthier place.

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Bryan Carlson on June 6th, 2012

The fourth annual Paperman Biathlon was a great success! The sun was out, the air was warm, and there were plenty of healthy people outdoors. Thank you everyone, participants and volunteers, for making this such a great event. It’s great to know that we have such strong community support.

Racers and the starting line

Finishing Times

2 Mile Run

  • Ashtyn Baribault – 18min. 7 sec.
  • Dawson Baribault – 33min. 45sec.
  • Don Baribault – 42min. 7sec.
  • Karen Baribault – 41min. 33sec.
  • Joshua Beer – 2hrs. 58min. 34sec.
  • Tyler Beer – 1hr. 37min. 56min.
  • Alexus Stark – 41min. 33sec.
  • Belle Stark – 41min. 33sec.
  • Eliza Stark – 33min. 45sec.
  • Eric Stark – 42min. 7sec.
  • Olivia Stark – 41min. 33sec.
  • Tomi Stark – 41min. 33sec.


  • Trenton Baribault – 1hrs. 23min. 12sec.
  • Bryan Carlson & Jenny King (tandem) – 1hr. 22min. 30sec.
  • Mariah Colvin – 1hr. 23min. 8sec.
  • Lauren Kelly – 1hr 3min 12sec.
  • RJ Plum – 1hr. 16min. 12sec.
  • Justin Poinsatte – 1hr. 3min. 12sec.
  • Tony Regis – 1hr. 2min. 37sec.
  • Deb Stann – 1hr. 17min. 28sec.
  • Mike Stann – 1hr. 17min. 28sec.

Half Marathon

  • Gerhard Carlson – ??
  • Jenny Case – 3hrs. 8min. 59sec.
  • Susan LeCaire – 3hrs. 8min. 59sec.


biking the biathlon

biking the biathlon in some amazing scenery

Two happy racers at the finish

At the home stretch!


See more photos at our Facebook page

Thank you Sponsors, for your support!

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Leif Krieger on April 30th, 2011

The mouth of Sheep Creek in spring


With spring arriving, and cabin fever in its final throws, many people in our area will be excitedly resuming their favorite outdoor activities. Although the prospect of having to put away the snowshoes may seem a little disheartening, boating, biking, hiking, camping and climbing will soon replace the tedious shoveling, ice scraping, and firewood splitting on every “To Do List” in the Pacific Northwest (mine included).


The landscape is turning green and the days are getting longer, with that, the temptation to dust off your day pack and head outside will be (at least for me) too much to resist. However, a certain amount of caution must be taken when gearing up to rejoin nature in this freshest of seasons. Remember not to let excitement take priority over safety.

While it seems obvious to prepare properly during the winter months, more cases of hypothermia, disorientation and exhaustion actually occur in the spring and fall months. There are several reasons for this, the most obvious being that during the winter months several feet of snow is a pretty decent reminder of the potential danger involved in an outdoor excursion. In direct contrast, the clear skies and agreeable temperatures of the spring and fall months (spring more prominently) can easily distract the outdoor enthusiast from the fact that the weather can make a sudden turn for the worse (and often does in our area) and easily turn a quick afternoon hike into an unfavorable situation in a very short period of time.


Proper preparation is essential during any season. If caution is kept in mind spring can be one of the most (if not the most) enjoyable times of year to spend in the outdoors; temperatures are mild, the Earth is renewed, signs of new life are popping up everywhere, and a sigh of relief can be heard as winter is finally comes to an end. To make sure your experience is positive and enjoyable, keep the following points in mind while outdoors this spring.

  • Keep an eye on conditions; look for changing weather patterns throughout the day for any signs of danger. Checking the weather forecast is a good place to start, but should not take the place of continuous observation.
  • Rain gear is a great insurance policy, its relatively light, and doesn’t take up much room in a pack. This one piece of gear can make the difference between enjoying a light afternoon rain shower during a hike, and returning home a soggy, cold, miserable mess.
  • Always, always remember to dress in layers. The sun and mild temperatures can make shorts and a t-shirt seem like more than enough clothing for an outing, but weather changes quickly this time of year and even the sunniest of days can be deceptively cold.


With the necessary precautions taken, there is no match to the entertainment and joy that spring can provide. See this season of renewal and fresh green growth for what it truly is – nature’s celebration that winter is over and summer is on the way.

Now get out there and experience all that spring has to offer!!

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Jim Goodwin on February 20th, 2011

The top of Flagstaff Mountain looking down the Columbia River

February 12 was a beautiful day for a snowshoe trip.  We met at the community center in the middle of Northport and headed for Flagstaff Mountain.  Temperatures were in the upper 20’s as we headed up the mountain.  The snow conditions were excellent with 16 inches of crusty snow. 

We weren’t very far into our trip when we began to see wildlife.  We saw several groups of deer, both mule deer and whitetail as well as turkeys as we progressed up the trail.  A little after noon, we crowned over the saddle to enjoy a great view up the Columbia River valley.  We settled into the hillside for lunch and enjoyed the view of Northport in the distance nestled against Silver Crown Mountain.  After eating lunch at this vantage point and taking advantage of the photo-op, we heading back down the mountain. 

On our way out we spotted some moose tracks and followed them down a different course than we had ascended.  We were hoping to find some deer antlers on our way, but were unsuccessful in this endeavor.  The whole trip covered about 3 miles and took about  three hours.  The trip was deemed a success and fun was had by all.

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Jim Goodwin on January 19th, 2011

View of the Columbia River from Flagstaff Mountain during winter

On Saturday, February 12 a group of 20 or so people will be ascending the base of Flagstaff Mountain to enjoy the fresh air great views and wildlife.  With any luck, the day will be filled with sunshine, fun, nature’s beauty and picturesque views of the Columbia River Valley.  We will start the day at 10:00am by meeting at the Community Center in Northport across from Tony’s Market.  This will give you a chance to buy any last minute snacks or all-important water for the trip.  We will then carpool to the base of the mountain and begin our ascent.

The climb will be a gradual one initially, suitable even for beginners.  In a mile or so the old road we shall follow will steepen to a grade more suitable to challenge someone of moderate skill.  We will crown out at a saddle which should offer a great view of the river valley below so bring your camera.   At this point, we will take a break, eat some snacks, maybe heat some water for hot chocolate or tea, and just enjoy the scenery.  I will bring a small stove for heating your water if you will bring a cup and a tea bag or hot cocoa mix.  After this, the strong of heart can proceed another mile or so to crest a small knoll, or we could turn back, returning in the tracks we made on our trip in. The trip is expected to take from 2 to 4 hours and cover 3 or 4 miles depending on the options we choose after our snacks.

Remember, this activity is limited to the first 20 people who sign-up for it on the Registration Page. You will need to provide your own snowshoes.  Also remember to dress appropriately in layers.  Ski poles, snacks and camera are optional.  If you happen to have an extra pair of snowshoes, please bring them also, if you are willing to share them with others.

Hope to see you on February 12!

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