Jim Goodwin on February 20th, 2011

The top of Flagstaff Mountain looking down the Columbia River

February 12 was a beautiful day for a snowshoe trip.  We met at the community center in the middle of Northport and headed for Flagstaff Mountain.  Temperatures were in the upper 20’s as we headed up the mountain.  The snow conditions were excellent with 16 inches of crusty snow. 

We weren’t very far into our trip when we began to see wildlife.  We saw several groups of deer, both mule deer and whitetail as well as turkeys as we progressed up the trail.  A little after noon, we crowned over the saddle to enjoy a great view up the Columbia River valley.  We settled into the hillside for lunch and enjoyed the view of Northport in the distance nestled against Silver Crown Mountain.  After eating lunch at this vantage point and taking advantage of the photo-op, we heading back down the mountain. 

On our way out we spotted some moose tracks and followed them down a different course than we had ascended.  We were hoping to find some deer antlers on our way, but were unsuccessful in this endeavor.  The whole trip covered about 3 miles and took about  three hours.  The trip was deemed a success and fun was had by all.

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